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SKU-10205293-1659997 BH Hare's Ear Flies - 12 Pack - #16 from Bass Pro Shops  sku

BH Hare's Ear Flies - 12 Pack - #16 - 10205293-1659997 by White River Fly Shop

Item description: This Bass Fishing FLIES & FLYTYING product is by White River Fly Shop - Fishing reports from every region in the country almost always call-out the mid-size Bead Head Hare's Ear nymph pattern as a top performer, and here's your chance to grab one dozen at an excellent price. Sporting bead head to give it some weight and... Learn More

Manufacturer: White River Fly Shop

Keywords: Nymph

Bass Pro Shops

Store: We are an outdoor retail leader in hunting, camping, boating, and outdoor clothing, in addi



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