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Lithium battery advantage

Lithium batteries have considerable advantages over conventional wet lead acid, absorbed glass mat (AGM) and sealed Gel marine deep cycle batteries. The most significant of these benefits is longer lasting power....

Timing important at Eastern Open on Chickamauga

DAYTON, Tenn. — When a major professional bass tournament is held on Chickamauga Lake, there’s no question big bass will be caught.But how they’ll be caught — and where — is always a question of timing....

10 things I learned fishing 184 B.A.S.S. tournaments

1.  A bass is a bass. It doesn’t matter where they live. They relate to the same kinds of structure and cover. They change every single day based on factors we may, or may not, understand....

Sturgeon Bay smalltalk

Although it was disappointing to have the Fort Gibson Bassmaster Elite Series stop postponed, I never like to waste an opportunity to go smallmouth fishing. So instead of heading home, I drove up to Sturgeon Bay, Wisc., to fun fish and compete in a few local events....

Meet the Elites: Shane Lineberger

There was a stretch between 2014 and 2015 when Shane Lineberger felt like everything was coming together for him as a professional bass angler....

Bro Series: DiPalma and Hartman

Greg Diplama and Jamie Hartman were East Coast anglers with the same goal in mind. What made the friendship gel even more were unrelated but similar careers and goals.  ...

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