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Where to Catch Crawfish in Southern California

Learn where to catch crawfish in Southern California, why catching these crawfish helps with conservation, where to catch crawfish in California creeks...

3 Types of Saltwater Shore Fishing Rigs

Saltwater shore fishing rigs can seem complicated, but you can keep it simple if you focus on the best bait location. ...

Fishing for Habitat in Texas

Fisheries biologists and local organizations in Texas work together to supplement degraded natural fish habitat in aging reservoirs with long-lasting, environmentally friendly artificial fish attractors....

Minnesota Fishing by Kayak or Canoe

Those who want to explore new fishing waters are in luck as the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has maps for more than 30 different water trails on the state’s major rivers. These maps are available at DNR offices and online, and they provide details on launch sites, campsites, private campgrounds and more. ...

5 Carp Fishing Knots You Need to Know

Find out which carp fishing knots you need to know to start carp fishing today. Learn which simple carp fishing knots and rigs are best in which situations...

6 Secrets To Using an Open Face Rod and Reel

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