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Bass Fishing News:

Dusty Roads

A tribute to every person and crew traveling the endless Dusty Roads fishing for whatever dreams they are trying to catch. The post Dusty Roads appeared first on Moldy Chum. ...

Madness on the Madison

The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission’s Madison River Negotiated Rulemaking Committee has been charged with an onerous task: To make suggestions about changing regulations for ... The post Madness on the Madison appeared first on Moldy Chum. ...

Steelhead ill-served by ‘edited’ science

Last year, provincial and federal scientists and contractors collaborated to draft a stock recovery assessment of Interior Fraser River steelhead trout. Forty-two experts from government, ... The post Steelhead ill-served by ‘edited’ science appeared first on Moldy Chum. ...

Aquaculture Doesn’t Reduce Pressure on Wild Fish

Aquaculture is often promoted as a sustainable alternative to catching wild fish—a way to reduce pressure on overexploited stocks while providing affordable and necessary protein ... The post Aquaculture Doesn’t Reduce Pressure on Wild Fish appeared first on Moldy Chum. ...

DAMS OUT – Matilija Dam

Matilija Dam located on the Ventura River watershed is listed as one of the Top 5 California dams to remove in our latest report. Originally ... The post DAMS OUT – Matilija Dam appeared first on Moldy Chum. ...

The Gurgler: A Fly with a Float

The Gurgler, or the Gartside Gurgler, is a style of tying that essentially makes any streamer a surface fly. It fishes like a popper, but ... The post The Gurgler: A Fly with a Float appeared first on Moldy Chum. ...

SKU-10205240-1568654 Smoked Salmon Fillet Sampler from Bass Pro Shops  sku

Smoked Salmon Fillet Sampler - 10205240-1568654 by Bass_pro

Item description: This Bass Fishing FOOD product is by Bass_pro - Select Wild Alaskan salmon from cold, pristine waters is hot smoked for several hours over a North Woods blend of oak, hickory, and maple hardwoods. The result is a product of incomparable taste and texture. 20 oz. fillet features four flavors: Class... Learn More

Manufacturer: Bass_pro

Keywords: Meats

Bass Pro Shops

Store: We are an outdoor retail leader in hunting, camping, boating, and outdoor clothing, in addi

Category: FOOD


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