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Become a Student of the Whitetail

Visualize for a moment the best deer hunting land youíve ever hunted. Was it along a wide-open fallow field; in the middle of a park-like woodlot with little understory; or in a tree stand overlooking a dense swamp, thicket or clearcut Iíll bet my best grunt call that it was something similar to the last one: a heck-hole of nasty proportions; a place that looked ďbuckyĒ the instant you laid […] The post Become a Student of the Whitetail appeared first on . ...

I Pledge Allegiance to Deer Hunting!

Why has the MotorCity Madman bothered with writing about hunting for all of these years Well, allow me to elaborate right here at my BloodBrother family electro-campfire. The post I Pledge Allegiance to Deer Hunting! appeared first on . ...

Fast and Light: Mobile Public Land Hunting Tips

Its never too early to start thinking about your public land hunting tactics for the fall, and now is the perfect time to start planning lightweight setups and a mobile mindset, all of which can be game changers on public land.† The post Fast and Light: Mobile Public Land Hunting Tips appeared first on . ...

Top 5 Advantages of Reverse-Draw Crossbows

Reverse-draw crossbows have seen a rise in popularity due to several advantages over traditional forward-draw designs, and these five advantages can make a big difference when youre searching for a new crossbow. The post Top 5 Advantages of Reverse-Draw Crossbows appeared first on . ...

Should You Worry About Eating Venison? 6 Expert Opinions

“Should I worry about eating venison because of CWD” This is a common question we get here at Deer & Deer Hunting, and you would be surprised at how often and how long that question has been posed to us. Let’s cut to the chase: A person has a much better chance of getting struck and killed by lightning than contracting a disease by eating venison. Donít take my word […] The post Should You Worry About Eating Venison 6 Expert Opinions appeared first on . ...

The Future of Hunting Must Start Now!

We as hunters must unite and raise hell with our elected employees and demand sensible, science-based regs if we are to keep our hunting heritage alive. The post The Future of Hunting Must Start Now! appeared first on . ...

SKU-AMS0002 AMS Bowfishing Juice Bowfishing Kit-Orange-Right Hand from Black Ovis  sku

AMS Bowfishing Juice Bowfishing Kit-Orange-Right Hand - AMS0002 by Ams Bowfishing

Item description: This Archery Ams Bowfishing product is by Ams Bowfishing - Get The Juice by AMS Bowfishing and Quest Archery! Good things come in small packages and The Juice is no exception! This short stack of a bow is blazing bright and just a spunky, fun bow to shoot! With the complete Juice package, this setup is tough to beat! This bow has exclusive features all its own! The Juice(TM) is as smooth drawing and as lightweight as they come and really packs a punch! It offers a 15-50 pound draw weight and a 17 1/2"-30" draw length. It even allows adjustment of draw length without a bow press in 1/2" increments! This bow also offers 60-80% let-off so you can wait for the perfect shot. With its blazing bright orange accents and powder coated aluminum riser, this bow is a Gotta Have for every bowfisher!Kit Includes:1 - B600-JCE Juice(TM) Bow1 - 610 AMS Retriever(R) TNT Reel with Orange Accents and 35 Yards of 350 Pound Braided Spectra Line1 - A203-ORG Orange Scale Pattern, Infused Fiberglass Arrow with Chaos(R) Point and Cyclone(R) Tip1 - M152 AMS Tidal Wave(R) Arrow Rest1 - M171-ORG String Things(R)Features:Super Tough Machined RiserLightweightParallel LimbsDual CamMolded Textured GripSmooth Draw and Release15-50 Pound Draw Weight... Learn More

Manufacturer: Ams Bowfishing

Keywords: Archery

Category: Ams Bowfishing


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This all-inclusive bowfishing kit has all of AMS best-selling products included! Mount the Retriever Reel and Tidal Wave arrow rest to your bow, tie the line to the AMS Safety Slide(R) brand arrow slide and you are ready to go! This kit is great for anyone looking to get into the sport but doesn't want to hassle through having to buy all the separate pieces and parts. Be sure to check out the video below for more details of what this kit includes!Kit Includes:1 - 610 Retriever(R) Pro Reel with ...See The Price
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At AMS Bowfishing, they spend as many hours as they can on the water doing what they love to do, bowfish. So looking for ways to make their products better comes naturally. Now they have taken their very popular Wave Rest and made it even better. The new Tidal Wave Rest has a nearly fully enclosed capture around the arrow to prevent it from falling away from the bow when sudden shots are taken. Just "snap" the arrow into the rest and you're ready for action. Made in America!Features:Super Tough ...See The Price
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Unlike other bowfishing reels, the AMS Retriever family of reels have no buttons to push before the shot and no clumsy spools to hand-wind. The line is simply stacked into a bottle. As you shoot, the line flies out of the reel as fast as the arrow can take it. To retrieve the arrow, simply pull the trigger and turn the handle.Kit Includes:AMS Retriever(R) Pro Reel25 yds - 200 Pound High Visibility Orange Dacron LineTelescoping Clamp & Quiver Mount Patented AMS Safety Slide(R) Brand Arrow Slide T ...See The Price