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A Brief Rant about Climate Change and Shark Attacks

What to believe when it comes to Climate Change.… Read More » The post A Brief Rant about Climate Change and Shark Attacks appeared first on Good Hunt. ...

FWC Commision Meeting February 20 21 in Gainesville

As I wrote before the December meeting, major changes to deer hunting and management are on the horizon at this week’s FWC Commission meeting in Gainesville. Getting right to it, here are the proposed rule changes: Draft rule amendments for changes to deer rules were approved by the Commission at the December 2018 Commission meeting. The Commission approved a Strategic Plan for Deer Management in Florida in 2008 to help guide management of deer in Florida. Many significant changes haveR...

Hunting for Food on the Road

One would think, with a name like Hickory Pit, we’d be greeted with rolling smoke belching from the back of a small wooden shack of a restaurant, especially in NW Alabama. The small wooden shack aspect was about correct, though it was an older block building with a fading Dr. Pepper sign swinging out front. No smoke. I scoured the menu for BBQ. We’d dialed up that setting, and when you’re locked into a food item like BBQ, it’s hard… Read More » The post Hunting...

2019 Spring Turkey Forecast in Florida Game & Fish Magazine

The 2019 Spring Turkey forecast Well, predictions in the hunting game are difficult. Fishing is pretty reliable with numerous sources on the water. Whether they report accurately or not is a different story, but eyes are on-site and word travels. For better or worse. Forecasting turkey activity is far more complex. What they’re doing on private land doesn’t really mean a hill of beans to public land hunters. What gobblers do in South Florida might not translate to behaviors in…...

The Failures and Successes of Reaping Gobblers

The North Carolina gobbler strutted in a patch of sunlight peering through the planted pines. I was prone in the middle of the muddy logging road grasping to a jake decoy, aching and sweating, as 38 is no age for belly crawling, especially with my physique and level of fitness. Ticks crossed my mind as they’re voracious here in Spring. Didn’t pay any attention to the bright green leaves under my forearms. Poison Ivy, as the red bubble blisters revealed… Read More » The pos...

BBQ Black Bear Quesadilla Recipe

MOJO Federal in downtown Lakeland has an excellent pulled pork quesadilla. I was going to replicate it – or at least attempt to – with recently acquired wild pork when a novel thought most normal people would not experience dawned on me: Why not a BBQ Black Bear Quesadilla I have not had black bear for the kitchen in a few years. Fortunately, a buddy got a young boar last year in North Carolina. For the price of helping him… Read More » The post BBQ Black Bear Quesadilla R...

SKU-AVER0071 Avery Mad Mallard Pole - Spinning Wing Decoy Stand-Dry Ground from Black Ovis  sku

Avery Mad Mallard Pole - Spinning Wing Decoy Stand-Dry Ground - AVER0071 by Avery

Item description: This Hunting Avery product is by Avery - A spinning decoy doesn't really do well on the ground. So pick up a Mad Mallard pole to make sure you have a good presentation on your birds. Fits almost all spinning style decoys and keeps them secure. It has an integrated handle for easy turning.Features:Integrated handle for easy turningSolid Steel auger designCam lock head holds your spinning wing decoys firmlyAvailable in 4' (one-piece) - 4' to 8' extendable (two-piece) and 5' to 11' extendable (three-piece)Extendable design and push-button for extra height on adjustable modelsSpinning Decoy Not Included... Learn More

Manufacturer: Avery

Keywords: Hunting

Category: Avery


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