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Hunting News:

FWC Commission Meeting December 12-13 in St. Augustine

The December 2018 FWC Commission Meeting will be held the 12th & 13th in St. Augustine. The Commission will welcome public input regarding agenda items using the approved speaker registration process and time limits. To review the agenda, please click here. The bulk of the hunting discussion will take place Thursday, but I would like to call attention to the proposed action on shore-based shark fishing taking place Wednesday. On the outside, it might not appear to have much to… Read Mo...

From the Upcoming FWC Commission Meeting – Deer Harvest Reporting and Bag Limits

Florida has long been in need of a harvest reporting system. North Carolina has used one for years. I enjoy reviewing harvests of the past years on their website. Sure have shot a lot of button bucks up there. Oops. There’s nothing terribly tricky about their system. You notch a spot in the paper license to legally move and transport your kill. Corresponding with that notch is a harvest number you can call in or enter online. This provides invaluable… Read More » The post From the Upc...

To Fried Quail or Whatever

Hank Shaw is a talented wild game cook. I guess. Never had him cook for me. He is an excellent writer, though. His books are educational, well-written, and well-illustrated. Frankly, I’m a touch envious. Anyway, I defrosted a batch of bobwhite from a recent North Carolina hunt hoping to do more than the standard fried quail. I found his roast quail recipe online. Hank must also be gifted with plenty of extra time. For his recipe, he dry-plucks his quail,… Read More » The post To...

Florida Deer Hunting Notes – December 2018

Where I grew up deer hunting on private lands in Manatee and Hardee County, the season was all but over by December. Thanksgiving hunts might’ve produced a spike. The rut was winding down. Hunting pressure had bothered the animals. Though the calendar showed deer hunting continued through January, this was a time for hogs, predators, and Fall Turkey. This is how I’d assumed it was all over Florida until I grew older and the Internet evolved into a useful hunting… Read More ...

More Information on Exempt Hunters and Guest Permits

Dad did make it on his Upper Hillsborough WMA archery hunt without me over the weekend, though he didn’t put anything in the cooler. He wanted me to be his pack mule. He needed my expertise, I think. As you might recall from last week, Dad turned 65 and was exempt from requiring a quota permit. Upper Hills is one of a few WMAs that allows this exemption. He had applied for the quota, wasn’t drawn, but was still able… Read More » The post More Information on Exempt Hunters ...

Guest Permits and Exempt Hunters

Dad and I have hunted Upper Hillsborough WMA for going on ten years. One of us will draw an archery or muzzleloading quota permit and take the other with the guest permits. The place is close to home and enjoys that late Zone B rut. Dad drew an archery permit for this weekend, and I began thinking about setting a blind at my favorite spot in the state to miss game with a bow. But there was a wrinkle that… Read More » The post Guest Permits and Exempt Hunters appeared first on Good Hun...

SKU-AVER0077 Avery Pro Grade Mallard Marsh Combo Pack - 6 Pack-6 PK from Black Ovis  sku

Avery Pro Grade Mallard Marsh Combo Pack - 6 Pack-6 PK - AVER0077 by Avery

Item description: This Hunting Avery product is by Avery - Avery and Green Head Gear raised the bar yet again with the Pro-Grade Duck Decoys. These decoys have the most realistic body postures and paint schemes on the market today. 1 Pintail surface feeders 1 Pintail Content Hen 2 Pintail Drakes 1 Wigeon Feeder hen 1 Wigeon High Head DrakeAll High Detail Decoys... Learn More

Manufacturer: Avery

Keywords: Hunting

Category: Avery


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Avery and Green Head Gear raised the bar yet again with the Pro-Grade Duck Decoys. These decoys have the most realistic body postures and paint schemes on the market today. 1 Canvasback Drake High Head1 Canvasback Hen High Head1 Canvasback Hen Low Head1 Canvasback Hen Low Head1 Redhead Drake1 Redhead HenHigh Detail Decoys ...See The Price
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Protect your valuable decoys with the Avery 6-Slot Duck Decoy Bag. Slots keep decoys from rubbing together thus preserving the paint from excess wear. The interior slots hold a wide range of sizes of floating decoys and is made out of a super tough and durable DuraMax material that is sure to take the beating come waterfowl season. If you're looking for a quality built bag to get your decoys from point A to point B that doesn't break the bank, this is the choice!Features:Constructed from super ...See The Price