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Beman ICS Hunter Classic Dozen Arrow Shafts-500 spine - Archery - sku BEMA0010 sku

- BEMA0010 by Beman

Item description: This Archery Beman product is by Beman - Born and bred in American, the Beman ICS Series is as red, white and blue as it gets! The ICS Hunter Classic are one of the worlds most popular and most shot arrow in the industry. These arrows have a perfect balance of weight that will hit hard but will also fly true at longer distances and coming in at a .003 straightness, the Hunter Classics are a great mid class arrow that any hunter can afford. Give yourself the confidence you need to place the arrow in the exact spot it needs to be and aim small.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Beman

Keywords: Archery

Category: Beman


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