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West Marine 4lb. Anchor and Rode Package - Boating - sku 12116331 sku

- 12116331 by West Marine

Item description: This Boating Anchoring product is by West Marine - West Marine 4lb. Anchor and Rode Package. Dont skimp when it comes to keeping your boat safely anchored—we dont!Precision-made anchor: Our Traditional Anchor Package includes a precision-made West Marine Traditional Anchor. These are strong, reliable, high-quality, affordable anchors with precise dimensions and hot dip galvanizing for corrosion protection.Patterned after the original lightweight Danforth anchors, including precision die-cut components for accurate assembly and symmetry, a tapered shank with chamfered edges for deeper seabed penetration and increased stock length and fluke angle for roll stability and dependability.Complete package: This anchor package also includes high-quality, galvanized steel chain, West Marine Premium Prespliced Three-Strand Anchor Line and two galvanized steel screw pin shackles.Quality anchor line: This high-quality anchor line is designed to handle the dynamic shock loads caused by boat motion, and is treated for maximum abrasion resistance. While our three-strand anchor line costs slightly more than our competitors, the difference is worth it when you compare the quality and secure anchoring assurance it provides. Its made with high-quality premium nylon using a uniform construction process and a marine coating that creates an extremely abrasion-resistant, snag-resistant, long-lasting line. Each anchor line is factory eye-spliced with a high-quality stainless steel thimble at one end and a heat-sealed bitter end at the other.An exceptional value for boats up to 32'.Specifications Style: Pivoting fluke Material: Galvanized steel Application: Sand or mud bottoms Warranty: Five yearsTraditional Anchor & Rode Package Selection ChartAnchor WeightBoat LengthChain LengthChain DiameterLine LengthLine DiameterModel4lb.To 12'4'3/16100'5/16121163318lb.To 24'15'1/4150'3/81161054013lb.To... Learn More

Manufacturer: West Marine

Keywords: Anchoring>Anchors>Anchor Packages

Store: West Marine, the largest waterlife outfitter in the world wants to partner with people who are passionate about the water, local chairities & organizations, and yacht clubs! West Marine carries over 85,000 products online and at 275 stores.

Category: Anchoring


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