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Flyfishing News:

Video Hatch: “Dams Out”

Matilija Dam located on the Ventura River watershed is listed as one of the Top 5 California dams to remove in the latest report from California Trout. Removing this dam will reconnect access to critical spawning and rearing habitat for the endangered Southern California steelhead. The post Video Hatch: “Dams Out” appeared first on MidCurrent. ...

American Saltwater Guides Association Launches with Mission to Promote Sustainable Business Through Marine Conservation

A group of saltwater fishing guides and recreational fishing business owners has announced the creation and launch of the American Saltwater Guides Association. The ASGA will be “dedicated to activating and empowering the conservation-minded recreational fishing community to protect marine resources for the benefit of anglers.” The post American Saltwater Guides Association Launches with Mission to Promote Sustainable Business Through Marine Conservation appeared first on MidCurrent. ...

Top Fly Tying Books

Whether you are new to fly tying or have been at it for a while, books can help develop your skills at tying and fly pattern design. In this post Paul Gaskell writes about his tops picks for books to help you at the fly tying desk. The post Top Fly Tying Books appeared first on MidCurrent. ...

Sandy Moret’s Florida Keys Fly Fishing School Tuition Giveaway

Sandy Moret’s Florida Keys Fly Fishing School helps anglers, both newcomers and seasoned veterans, hone their skills. This is their 30th year offering world-class saltwater fly fishing instruction in a fun and no-pressure environment. The post Sandy Moret’s Florida Keys Fly Fishing School Tuition Giveaway appeared first on MidCurrent. ...

Video Hatch: “Casting Sink Tip Lines”

In this instructional video, Ben Sittig demonstrates the most efficient way to cast a sinking-tip line. The post Video Hatch: “Casting Sink Tip Lines” appeared first on MidCurrent. ...

How Fish Gills Work

Gills allow fish to absorb oxygen from the water and use it for energy, and in this way are similar to the function of lungs in humans and other mammals. The main difference is how they are able to absorb much smaller concentrations of available oxygen, while allowing the fish to maintain an appropriate level of Sodium Chloride (salt) in their bloodstream.” The post How Fish Gills Work appeared first on MidCurrent. ...

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  • Stream Thermometer

    Stream Thermometer
    This handy stream thermometer helps predict hatches, spawning times and feeding periods. It's also available with a pin-on retractor. Available: Thermometer, Th...(more)

    $9.99 More Details
  • Forceps (5)

    Forceps (5)
    Forceps can be used for removing hooks from fish, holding flies while threading, and more. All three models have locking handles. Available: 5 curved 6 straight...(more)

    $6.99 More Details
  • Gehrke's Xink Leader Sink

    Gehrke's Xink Leader Sink
    Gehrkes Xink Leader Sink is the perfect item when you want your fly or leader to penetrate the surface film. It helps your nymphs reach the depths you want to a...(more)

    $5.49 More Details
  • Cabela's Split-Willow Creel - Willow

    Cabela's Split-Willow Creel - Willow
    This is truly a quality constructed creel of authentic split willow that offers thorough ventilation, keeping fish fresh while you seek out another keeper. Add ...(more)

    $29.99 More Details
  • Rod Leash

    Rod Leash
    Simple device that ensures you won't lose your valuable rod if you happen to drop it while float-tubing or wading. On one end of the 70 elastic cord are Velcro ...(more)

    $13.99 More Details
  • Cinch Tie Brass Knot Tyer

    Cinch Tie Brass Knot Tyer
    Helps tie clinch knots, nail knots, Rapala knots and more. Tooled from solid brass. Instructions included. Lifetime warranty. Age Group: Adult. Pattern: Solid. ...(more)

    $16.49 More Details
  • Frogs Fanny

    Frogs Fanny
    This powder is great for floating and waterproofing dry flies. It also creates realistic air bubbles on weighted nymphs, wet flies and emergers. Type: Floatatio...(more)

    $6.49 More Details
  • Hi-Tech Float Tube Anchor

    Hi-Tech Float Tube Anchor
    This 1-pound anchor is only 2-1/4 x 8 when closed, but opens up to an 11 diameter. It will lock open or closed and has no rough or sharp edges to damage your fl...(more)

    $29.99 More Details
  • Outcast Step-in Fins

    Outcast Step-in Fins
    Just step right into these fins, cinch down the straps, buckle in place and you're ready to kick. Works with wading boots, stocking or bootfoot waders, even sne...(more)

    $39.99 More Details
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