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Best Trout Worms Live Baits & Plastic Baits

Back in the days, the first trout that I caught, I used worms as bait. Nowadays, people are using different types of lures, powerbaits, flies, ... Read more...

Best Hooks For Trout Most Effective Fishing Hooks For Trout

Hooks are the most important piece of equipment you will use to catch fish. Having the right hook is more important than your rod, reel, ... Read more...

How to Fish Trout Magnet Setup, Rig & Fish + Tips

The Trout Magnet fishing lure is a great kit for trout and other fish as well. If you can properly set it up and use ... Read more...

Best Trout Jigs for Stock & Rainbow Trout

Jigging for trout can be a real treat and is one of my favorite ways to pursue trout. If you happen to live in the ... Read more...

How to Use Spoons to Catch Early Season Trout?

Want to catch early season trout Here are some things to remember. At this time of the season, you want to cover water and spoons ... Read more...

Best Trout Spoons to Maximize Your Catch Rate

Spoons, a type of lure that has been proven over and over to be successful by many a fisherman. They are not like spinners and ... Read more...

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