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  • Abel Nipper

    Abel Nipper
    The Abel Nippers could be the last pair of nippers you'll ever buy. With replaceable stainless steel jaws and an anodized, machined aluminum body, the Abel Nipp...(more)

    $105.00 More Details
  • Abel 6/7 Sealed Drag Reel - Large Arbor

    Abel 6/7 Sealed Drag Reel - Large Arbor
    The new Abel Sealed Drag Reel is Abel's latest offering for fly fishermen who want the durability and performance of a permanently sealed drag system surrounded...(more)

    $537.00 More Details
  • Abel Zinger

    Abel Zinger
    It took awhile, but fly reel manufacturer and creative machine shop Abel Automatics, Inc., has streamlined, modernized, and perfected the ubiquitous tool found ...(more)

    $95.00 More Details
  • Abel Super Reel 12W - Large Arbor

    Abel Super Reel 12W - Large Arbor
    For anglers battling shallow water giant tarpon or open ocean billfish, the Abel Super 12W Reel is a tough, finely tuned fly fishing weapon. The largest in Abel...(more)

    $547.25 More Details
  • Abel SDS 7/8 Reels

    Abel SDS 7/8 Reels
    Abel's SDS (Sealed Drag Salt) fly fishing reel is designed to give you all the power and control you need while battling hard-fighting saltwater fish, in a reli...(more)

    $895.00 More Details
  • Abel SDS 9/10 Reels

    Abel SDS 9/10 Reels
    The new SDS (Sealed Drag Salt) 9/10 Fly Reel from Abel takes the power and reliability of their SD line and puts it into a beefier saltwater frame, capable of t...(more)

    $995.00 More Details
  • Abel Super 5/6 Reel

    Abel Super 5/6 Reel
    The Abel Super 5/6N fly reel can handle any situation when fly fishing in fresh and saltwater. The large arbor on this all-purpose flyreel picks up slack line i...(more)

    $785.00 More Details
  • Abel Super 6/7 Reel

    Abel Super 6/7 Reel
    The Abel Super 6/7N fly reel is your ideal weapon for battlingsalmon or steelhead. This large-arbor reel is capable of retrieving slack line quickly, and canslo...(more)

    $725.00 More Details
  • Abel Super 7/8 Reel

    Abel Super 7/8 Reel
    The Abel Super 7/8 N fly fishing reel was designed to let you cast tobig carp at yourfavorite lake as well asbonefish inthe saltwater flats. Abel's double-pawl ...(more)

    $825.00 More Details
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